Premium Bundle

This is an advanced bundle for those that want to use the full functionality of the platform to grow their business. With everything from personas, to paid advertising, right through to a customised customer journey, this is the bundle for your business.

What can we do for you?

We know what works best, and we know what drives results. Using the fully integrated platform we can help create a strategy plan that covers all the necessary touch points for your audiences.

What this plan includes:

1. We will help identify your key personas
2. Then we will create a marketing plan to deliver your key objectives
3. We’ll plan and set-up your automated customer journey
4. Then we will create and design four detailed pieces of content and upload to your content hub
5. Then we will set-up the four respective campaigns branded for your business

6. We will identify relevant paid advertising channels and audiences to release your campaign to
7. Then we’ll set-up and manage two paid campaigns via the chosen account
8. We will provide ongoing amendments and analysis and in-depth reporting
9. We’ll manage your list to ensure all your contacts are segmented into their correct targeted lists

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