Sales Pipeline

Using our sales pipeline, you can replicate your sales process and customise it to meet your business needs. Track which stage your prospects and leads are in within your sales process, identify which campaigns and channels are driving sales, in one simple, easy-to-use pipeline.

Create a Transparent Sales Process

Zymplify can help you create a straightforward sales process using our sales CRM – from start to finish.

Analyse Leads to Sales in One Place

You’ll be able to create multiple pipelines and tailor each to match your own sales flow.

View your Leads in a Way that Works for You

You can view and edit all leads in a list view with editable columns and the option to export information, as well as create and manage activities for your leads.

Sales Calendar

Create and view sales activities on a daily, weekly or monthly calendar view, analyse what your team are doing and whether it is driving the end goal – converting leads to sales.

Easily Identify your Sales Trends

Review how well your sales have progressed day-to-day, on month to month basis and by channel. This helps identify which months and channels perform better for you business, or perhaps you need to adjust your marketing strategy for different times of the year to drive more leads for your business.

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