let the Wave of 
innovation begin


... a beautiful hotel lobby flooded with warm, flattering light in an unobtrusive, yet remarkable way
... a modern office space with unique light fixtures that emit a
motivating glow, rather than harmful blue light
... lighting elements that curve expectations and make
tenants proud to call their apartment home

Meet the New Wave
of lighting applications

Introducing the Wave
The First in the LumiCurve Family
from OLEDWorks


Built for Superior Performance
Just like the LumiBlade Family, which offers our paper thin,
organic, sustainable, efficient lighting in square, rectangle and
circular panels, the LumiCurve Family offers the same superior performance in our first flexible, curved form. 

Bold Functionality
The LumiCurve Wave processed on Corning® Willow® Glass for a total thinness of 0.6 mm, provides another level of creativity in design and application. With its bold funtionality, the Wave offers conventional and unconventional lighting applications. 

Wave of Possibilities
A flexible paper thin form of illumination. The LumiCurve Wave is the perfect combination of design freedom offering a superior light experience. Let the Wave of innovation begin.
Feeling Inspired?

Bring your ideas to light. Order a Wave Promotion Kit today.
The Wave Promotion kit comes with a panel of your choice of color temperature, programmed driver and power supply for 79 USD.


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