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Using our buyer intent engine, we mine the public web and deliver a daily breakdown of super-hot leads who have signaled an intent to buy. 

To give you a taste of this amazing tool, all you need to do is start a free trial of our platform and use our buyer intent tool to search the web for intent signals – it’s that easy!

Intent-driven demand generation.

We provide you with a full suite of marketing tools, to ensure you target the right person, at the right time, with the right message. Fully automated.


Input your contact list, or, if you don’t have one, we can help you identify prospects who are researching your product / industry, and who are looking at your competition.


Manage your content and send it to the right prospect, at right stage of their buyer journey, using our easy to use content hub.


Build beautiful landing pages and emails. Create workflows to manage your contacts and integrate your sales and marketing.


Sit back and watch the qualified leads flood into your pipeline, ready to be closed.

What is buyer intent?

We’ve been there – we know what it’s like. You’re trying your best, blogging, running PPC campaigns, churning out social posts, but nothing makes an impact.

Your audience is surrounded by digital content and they’re blind to your message. Well, we’re calling it – inbound is dead.

Our advanced buyer intent engine identifies “digital footprints” left by prospects who are actively researching your products, industry or competitors right now. Using our buyer intent engine you can get ahead of the curve and reach the right prospects at the right time.

Cut your sales cycle in half and unlock the customers you never knew were there.

Stop spraying and praying

Only 3% of your qualified leads are currently in the buying journey. We find you those 3%, so you can strike when the iron is hot.
Set your search parameters and we will mine the public web and unearth target customers who are talking to your competitors or have signalled intent to buy.
Check out our buyer intent tool and get up to 250 free leads, specific to your search parameters within 48 hours!

Automated nurturing

Our buyer intent engine will provide you with the contact details (including email address) of prospects who are active in the buyers journey. Using our automated journeys you will nurture these prospects through the funnel with personalised emails and content.

Score each prospect based on the actions they take and only pass sales ready leads through to your sales team.

Automated nurturing

We send the data straight to your dashboard, where it will go on automated nurturing journeys. The data is scored according to the behaviour of the leads.

Convert via sales pipeline

Our fully integrated sales pipeline gives your sales team the ability to manage deals through the sales pipeline. Each record will have a full history of the activity on the account and your sales team will be equipped with the tools and data to close more deals.
Save time.
Avoid tedious manual research and get quality leads delivered daily.
Work smarter.
Focus your outbound efforts on leads who are interested in products like yours.
Sell more.
Move faster than your competition and close more deals.

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